Wednesday, January 31, 2007

One occassionally receives emails asking generally about jobs etc and on the whole I don't tend to reply to them but on this occassion I was inclined to do so and it appears to have been wel received so here it is in case there is anyone else out there who harbours the same - strange - ambition to work for a company like mine...

I LOVE your response! Straight up, clear, precise, tangible. I'll take this to heart and press in an these things. You are an encouragement.

Best Regards,

On Jan 25, 2007, at 2:49 AM, Rupert Watson wrote:

> Mxxx


> I would get a job as a technical intern at a facility and learn all

> you can. Get an old PC and install Windows, Linux (Fedora Core 6) and

> an old Mac and install OS X Server and learn them all.


> Learn how to crack open a PC and a Mac and replace a hard drive or

> RAM. Understand SCSI and Sata disks and all the interconnects on a

> motherboard. Learn how to use Norton's Ghost and Apple's NetBoot

> service in OS X Server and get your head round Apple Remote Desktop's

> Task Server. Learn how to use and deploy Netrestore and images on a

> Mac.


> Learn photoshop and After Effects and Illustrator if you can and see

> if there is a local editing shop you can help out at. Don't believe

> all they tell you but watch the good editors and engineers at work.


> Once you have that sort of experience a reseller will be keen to hire

> you. I would fly you over and hire you if you had all that under your

> belt!


> Rupert Watson

> +44 7787554801


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> To: ""

> Sent: 24/01/07 08:49

> Subject: General Training Request


> My name is Mxxxx & I live in xxxxxx, USA. I'm currently working

> at an Apple computer store but would like to someday be involved at

> your level of play. I'm wondering if there's somebody there that

> might tell me what I need to do to get on a career/training track that

> might someday position me to get there? There's really no college or

> "major" that teaches what you guys are doing...


> I hope to someday be working with people like you, doing what you guys

> are doing...


> Any help, direction, or insight would be most appreciated!


> Thank you very much,

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BennyD said...

He'll probably want you to send his wages to "his church in Nigeria via western union"

you gettin soft in your old age mate.