Thursday, January 11, 2007

podguides - the open source audioguide

This is great idea, but where is the open source version? I want the professor of art history's guide to the National Portrait Gellery not some anonymous nasal american tourist voice. I want Sister Wendy's homebrew podcast and I want a web site that aggregates all those user generated podguides - did I invent a new word for the genre, did I? er, no. A trip to the $29 million dollar search bar - see below - and I find Now this looks more like it! Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have exactly set the world alight. Hmm. I still like the idea, though. Needs a bit of marketing push I guess. Its definitely a web 2.0 kind of business and imagine all the advertising you could sell.

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Frank said...

Yes, I know it can use a marketing push. Many other companies have started a commercial version of what I started there, but I somehow never really found the time to really invest into the idea. Some small tryouts, but not really worth mentioning. I do like the open source character though.