Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Dave Winer is a smart guy

Scripting News: 1/9/2007 

It is interesting to read the thoughts of people who are so thoroughly engaged in the West Coast computer industry.

This post is very clear eyed about what makes for a street smart company. There is no doubt that being seen as the underdog is no bad thing either.


Like the post as I do, I have to admit that I have no desire for an iphone, am very happy with  my current Smartphone - although the best one ever was the Qtek phone James gave me as he left to join Microsoft ;-) I am also writing this on a Toshiba Portege tablet PC using Windows Live Writer even though I own a Mac so I suppose it is not as cut and dried as all that. Although I do regard Phil's adoption of the Mac, even if it is to run Windows one of the signs of change in the air.

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